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Wilmer Valderrama Planning To Release New Comedy Album

Remember Eduardo Fresco? The lollipop licking alter-ego of Wilmer Valderrama is coming back for more, A LOT MORE. Valderrama recently told Perez Hilton that he’s planning to record an entire Fresco album, all rooted in comedy of course.

Last May, Wilmer partnered with some Saturday Night Live vets to create “The Way I Fiesta,” a zany spoof of club anthems. His Eduardo character starred in the “Fiesta” video and belted out some very cheesy lyrics.

But despite Valderrama’s comedic delivery, his singing voice wasn’t that bad. As he explained to Perez, music is something that he takes very seriously.

“Music is something that has been… part of my life,” he said. “My whole life, I’ve been singing and dancing, but acting just evolved faster. I’m excited to visit that arena, and do some music.”

Interestingly, Wilmer mentioned that he’ll also be recording a “serious” music album in the very near future too.



By Michael Lopez



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