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Yeezy Season 4 Models Have A Horrible Time After Being Made To Stand For Hours Outside

Yeezy Season 4 Models Have A Horrible Time After Being Made To Stand For Hours Outside

What a sufferfest! Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 fashion show was quite a spectacle, but for all the wrong reasons. He had his models stand perfectly still for hours in the sweltering NYC heat, and it caused some of the exhausted ladies to collapse and faint! Keep reading for more on the bizarre and chaotic scene.

Kanye West‘s Yeezy Season 4 fashion show proved to be a nightmare for his models, as they were required to stand perfectly still for hours under the blazing hot sun, while temperatures soared to around 90 degrees. The girls placed in the center of the runway stood silently in tight, body hugging designs that must have felt SO hot and constricting, and it ultimately proved to be too much for many of them.

The deliriously hot working environment got the best of his models, some of who collapsed and fainted after becoming so drained by the three hour long experience. Others ended up sitting down to rest their exhausted bodies, and concerned members of the audience passed water along to some of the most desperate girls. By 20 minutes into the show — which started well over an hour late — at least 30 of the models were already sitting on the ground!

Not only were the models that were forced to stand in the sun having a rough go of the day, the ones that got to actually strut the catwalk didn’t have it much easier. It seems some of the shoes were either poorly fitted or constructed, as at least two models had their heels blow out during the show. Amina Blue, 23, had the roughest go of it, wobbling in her three inch heels before awkwardly stopping in the middle of the runway to take them off and go barefoot.

She wasn’t the only one who was unable to actually strut down the runway, as another model had one of her heels break and was forced to hobble along until a member of the audience came to her aid to help her walk!

So lesson learned future Yeezy models, be prepared to truly suffer for his art!




By  Beth Shilliday




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