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Zac Efron Professes His Love For Eva Longoria

Zac Efron Professes His Love For Eva Longoria


Clearly Zac Efron can hook up with any starlet he chooses. With his pretty boy looks and teen idol status, he’s wooed the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Lily Collins. But now it seems, he has his eye on Eva Longoria!

Zac recently told reporters that he’d love to take Eva out on a date and finds her fascinating. And despite the fact that he’s 13 years younger than her, Efron seemed dead serious about the proposition.

Longoria took the news with a grain of salt and actually responded rather humorously when she spoke with Amica magazine.

“I am very flattered by that,” she said when discussing Zac. “Although I do not know exactly how old he is and I suspect that could put me in jail if I accepted his proposal.”

For the record, Efron’s 24-years-old and definitely old enough for a “grown up” date. In fact, it wouldn’t be the first time Eva’s hooked up with a younger man.



By Michael Lopez



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