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Zac Efron’s Crossdressing Scene In Baywatch Has Given Him A Much Deeper Respect For Women

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There’s no denying that being a woman, just like being Spiderman, comes with great responsibility. While we may not be out there swinging from building to building with nothing but our Spidey senses to save us, being a female comes with its own set of societal expectations, double standards, and secret set of fashion and beauty knowledge. After all, women don’t just wake up one day knowing how to pirouette in stilettos, flawlessly blow out their own hair, and draw a perfect cat eye every time on the first try. In fact, looking that effortless often takes years of dedicated practice. A hard fact of life  Zac Efron had to find out for himself while shooting his new film Baywatch.

On  Wednesday, the actor shared the latest trailer from his forthcoming film with The Rock, a revamp of the classic ’90s lifeguard drama. In one scene, Efron goes undercover as a woman, doing some very convincing drag in a brown bob wig, wide-brim hat and sunglasses, a form-fitting black-and-white striped cocktail dress and a pair of neon yellow lace-up pumps. The clip immediately sent his fans into hysterics, many of whom tweeted at him about how funny it was to see him try to walk in heels, but the High School Musical star quickly made it clear he has nothing but “mad respect” for anyone who chooses to wear that particular piece of footwear.

Efron tweeted at a fan:

Keep in mind this is a movie that involves jet-ski racing, diving from helicopters, and plenty of explosions, but for the actor, all of that pales in comparison to strutting his stuff in a pair of sensible 4″ heels. And while we agree that without the proper amount of practice and ankle-strengthening exercises donning a pair of stilettos can be some pretty intimidating stuff, if Zac thinks heels are rough, just wait until he tries his hand at a little contouring, shape wear, and the Holy Grail, a Brazilian wax.




By Emily Kirkpatrick

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