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Zay Zay Takes the Pulse on Education in D.C.

Zay Zay Takes the Pulse on Education in D.C.


Internationally recognized celebrity host Zay Zay of ZayZay.com will take the pulse on education at the request of his loyal audience on Thursday, August 2, 2012 at Busboys and Poets located on 5th and K in DC. Zay Zay will be joined by panelists, which include National Society of High School Scholars (“NSHSS”) President and co-founder James W. Lewis, founding board chair of  NSHSS Claes Nobel of the Nobel Peace Prize family, and District of Columbia educator Victoria Ballard and member of StudentsFirst, and Carla Urbina political Strategist and contributor to Fox Latino.

“I feel it’s a calling to bring awareness to certain issues facing a system seemingly ignored by other media outlets.  Our country is somewhat injured, currently, and besides action, the cure is hard work and time; perhaps even a little more time than my generation has.  It would behoove us to do as much as possible to prepare the generations that follow to preserve and develop that which we before them have built.  The first step to that end is, and always will be, education,” states Zay Zay.

This event will be one of a series that members of the National Society of High School Scholars will be able to participate with their parents in addition to those in the community who are interested. Members of the audience will be able to interact with panelist during the live taping of the show.

ZayZay.com Presents” is expected to air on U-verse and Comcast initially in Northern Georgia on AIBTV in September. It will also air on the website for online audience to watch on their computers or smartphones. The purpose of airing this program is to help inform voters on one of the hot button issues that will be blazing on the campaign trail.  ZayZay.com Presents is a collaboration of Effective Media Group and Aquino Media Company.

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