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ZayZay Sits Down at The EXODUS Roundtable in NYC

ZayZay Sits Down at The EXODUS Roundtable in NYC

This past Monday, ZayZay sat down with Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton and director Ridley Scott to discuss EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS. Among the things discussed were religious interpretations, bringing Sci-Fi to religion, and thongs. Yes thongs. .

In watching a film so strongly based in faith, it is sometimes hard to separate the man from the legend. The actors in this film make it easy to relate to each character. Zay Zay asks them “If they were trying to bring this down to be any one of us”. The answer to how they accomplished this may surprise you. Joel Edgerton, who plays Ramses in the film, credits the writers for telling the back story and taking you from the baby in the basket to the moment of exile. Edgerton continues on to say “for me he’s (Ramses) a brother, he’s an overlooked son, which is very relatable and creates a lot of insecurity, and later we see him as a father who loses his child”. Bale finishes by saying “..We chose to play it as if it was historically true…because otherwise you end up portraying the characters rather like a fairy tale and then they can never be relatable.”

Although many will venture to see this film as a reenactment of the tales of Moses, by the middle of the movie you have gotten over the feeling of watching “a play” and moved on to see this as a film of great cinematic proportions.

To hear the roundtable discussion and hear more of thoughts behind the film, including the infamous thong story, click the player below. BE WARNED THERE ARE SPOILERS. I highly recommend you see the film first, it is definitely worth the watch.




by Ninnette Aquino



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