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Zosia Mamet Opens Up about Her Eating Disorder

Zosia Mamet Opens Up about Her Eating Disorder

Zosia Mamet, the actress best known for playing Shoshanna on Girls, recently spoke out about her long struggle with an eating disorder.

Mamet, now 26, first encountered body image issues at just eight years old when she was called fat. Though she can acknowledge now that the statement wasn’t true and never has been, it’s been forever hard to shake the perception.

“I’m not fat; I’ve never been fat. But ever since then, there has been a monster in my brain that tells me I am,” Mamet wrote in a column for Glamour magazine.

Mamet condemns society for being such fertile ground for eating disorders to develop. “Our culture delivers a real one-two punch: You want to control something, and then society says, ‘Hey, how about controlling the way you look? Skinny is beautiful.’ Your obsession feels justified,” the daughter of David Mamet wrote. “It’s no secret that we live in a country with a warped view of beauty.”

Mamet, who admits she nearly died while tried to battle her disease on her own, categorized her eating disorder as a type of addiction, calling herself, “an addict in recovery.” The actress added, “I realize that my obsession will always be with me.”

Towards the end of her column, Mamet reaches out to those like her who struggle with their body image:

“Let’s diminish the stigma. Let’s remind one another that we’re beautiful. Maybe you’ll help a friend. Maybe you’ll help yourself. And if you’re reading this and you’re suffering, please know you’re not alone. Tell someone: The people who love you will listen, I promise. And you’ll feel better.



By Chelsea Regan



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