Practical Magic 2: Sandra Bullock & Nicole Kidman in Talks for Sequel

Nicole Kidman in Talks for Sequel

Hold on to your sombreros because we've got some magical straight from .

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, our favorite on-screen hermanas, are in talks to bring their brujería back to the big screen in 2”! Can we get a “¡wepa!” up in here?

More than 25 years after they first their spell on us in the 1998 cult classic, these megastars are ready to dust off their book of hechizos and dive back into the whimsical world of the Owens sisters. And let me tell you, amigos, this sequel has been a long time coming!

Bullock and Kidman aren't the only ones brewing up excitement for this . Fans have been clamoring for another dose of “Practical ” since the credits rolled on the original. It's like we've all been under a spell, longing to see more of the Owens sisters' magical misadventures.

The plot details are still under wraps tighter than abuela's secret recipe, but you can bet your last taco that there will be plenty of heart, humor, and of course, a sprinkle of magic. Will the sisters find themselves in another pickle with the law? Will they finally break the curse that's been haunting them like a persistent ex? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure: with Bullock and Kidman on board, it's going to be one enchanting ride!

Now, before you start practicing your and mixing up margaritas in anticipation, remember that the stars are still in talks. But let's be real, who could say no to another chance to see these two powerhouses light up the screen together? It's like a match made in bruja heaven!

So, keep your eyes peeled and your wands at the ready, because “Practical Magic 2” might just be the sequel we've all been waiting for. In the meantime, why not gather your amigas, put on your favorite pair of midnight margarita shoes, and have a little “Practical Magic” viewing party? After all, a little and a lot of Bullock and Kidman is the perfect recipe for a magical night in.

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