Rick Ross Punched at Vancouver Festival

Rick Ross, el jefe himself, found himself in quite the predicamento up in the Great White North. Seems like playing 's “Not Like Us” in Drake's backyard wasn't the smartest move, ¿verdad?

Picture this: Rick Ross just finished rocking the stage at the Ignite in Vancouver. The crowd was hyped, the beats were bumping, and everything seemed tranquilo. But then things went south quicker than a snowbird in winter.

As Rozay was leaving the stage, his DJ decided to drop Kendrick's “Not Like Us.” Now, in case you've been living under a rock, amigos, Drake and Kendrick have been beefing harder than two gallos in a cockfight. And playing that track in Canada? That's like bringing your new girlfriend to your ex's quinceañera – it's just asking for trouble!

A group of angry – let's call them “Los Defensores de Drake” – surrounded Rick and his crew. Words were exchanged, tempers flared, and suddenly, BAM! Someone took a swing at Rick, catching him right in la cara. Talk about adding some fuego to the situation!

The scene turned into a full-on royal rumble, with punches flying like piñata candy. It was more chaotic than a Black Friday sale at Walmart, folks! Poor Rick's bodyguard got caught in the crossfire, ending up more battered than a deep-fried churro.

Now, you might be thinking, “¿Qué pasó con Drake?” Well, our Canadian amigo might not have been there in person, but he sure made his presence known. Word on the street is that Drake liked a post about the incident on . Talk about adding fuel to the fuego!

As for Rick Ross? He's keeping it cool. No word yet on how he's feeling, but knowing Rozay, he's probably already planning his next move. After all, in the world of , today's beef is tomorrow's hit single.

Remember, whether you're Drake, Team Kendrick, or Team “Can't We All Just Get Along,” keep it cool, keep it respectful, and for the of all that's holy, think twice before you a diss track in someone else's hood!

Zay Zay

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