Taraji P. Henson & M. J. Fox Among TIME’s Top 100 Influential

¡Esto Es Oro Puro! Time 100 Most Influential List Includes Taraji P. Henson, Michael J. Fox Y Más!

Latino Power in la Lista de los más Influenciables

¡Hola, família! Guess who's stirring up big vibes in show biz on Time's 100 most influential people list? Our very own Taraji P. Henson, Michael J. Fox and other super estrellas are flexing their influence over el mundo. Que árbaro, verdad?

Taraji P. Henson, nuestra querida Cookie from ‘Empire,' is rocking it. Time honored her work in improving conversations in the black community. Did you know she launched the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation named after her father? ¡Eso es amor, mi gente!

Then we have el legendario, Michael J. Fox. He's been our Marty McFly, our favorite werewolf, but more than that, he's been a beacon of hope in his battle against Parkinson's disease. His optimism is unbreakable, just like our spirit, ¿ verdad?

¿Quién Más Está on the List?

Pss, pss, did you hear about Selena Gomez, también? She's not just an amazing cantante, but an influential activist too. We can't forget Gabrielle Union, either, who's just full of sabiduría and bravery.

Some may say, “pero, Zay Zay, ¿qué tiene que ver todo esto con nosotros, los Latinos?” Everything, mi gente! These are opening conversations and setting trends that reach out to all of us. Their work promotes diversity and in the world – and eso es especialmente importante for our Latino community.

Culture Latino

Taraji P. Henson, Michael J. Fox y muchos más on this list are not just part of our TVs and music playlists. They are shakers and movers representing culture, fighting stereotypes, y transformando the world. Their positions in the list serve as a powerful reminder of how far we've come and how much further podemos llegar.

Remember, we're not just audience members, we are parte de la acción. Every song we dance to, every we watch, every celebrity we admire, es una celebración of our vibrant culture and a step towards a more inclusive world. Isn't it maravilloso, mi raza?

Somos Unidos, Somos Orgullo Latino

So, ahí lo tienen, un poco de pop culture chat “Latino Style”. Our comunidad Latina is out there, showing the world our flavor and strength. We see it in every Latino name that pops up in Hollywood, in every issue we fight for, in every face that, like us, shows the vibrant beauty of Latinidad.

We are familia, we are comunidad. Let's keep celebrating our and looking for more ways to shine in this world. No matter where we come from, every accomplishment is ours too, every battle is also ours to fight. Juntos, seguiremos moviendo montañas. Así somos los Latinos, siempre adelante, ¡Siempre Unidos!

And always remember, mi gente linda, you are the star of your own vida. Take it from Taraji, Michael and the rest: strive for greatness, be brave, cause . Stand up for what you believe in and never deny your raíces. After all, they are the source of our unique varías and inspiring vigor, and it's about time the mundo recognizes this. Keep shining, familia, and let's what makes us Latinos.

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