The New Space Race: Gizmodo Explores Our Ongoing Quest to Conquer the Final Frontier

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Humans have been exploring space for over six decades, and our ambitions are only increasing over time. In recent years, this drive has been rekindled with fervor, ushering in an era of unprecedented innovation and competition in the realm of space exploration.

To better grasp the quickly evolving nature of spaceflight, Gizmodo has prepared a package titled, “The New Space Race.” Conceived from the notion that a fresh wave of pioneers, both public and private, is propelling our celestial aspirations into tangible realities, our spaceflight journalists dive deep into the core of what lies ahead with four original feature articles.

  • Tuesday, September 5: Kevin Hurler uncovers the looming possibilities of mining both the Moon and asteroids, delving into the feasibility of harvesting precious off-world resources.
  • Wednesday, September 6: George Dvorsky sheds some light on the rising wave of companies vying to challenge SpaceX’s seemingly unassailable position in the launch vehicle sector.
  • Thursday, September 7: Passant Rabie navigates the renewed race to the Moon, drawing contrasts with the Apollo era and elucidating the intertwined roles of public and private entities in this modern Moon rush.
  • Friday, September 8: Isaac Schultz explores the potential for entirely new kinds of science to be performed in the depths of space, as we advance our capabilities in the final frontier.

Taken together, these narratives offer a comprehensive glimpse into the New Space Race, charting the trajectory of our spacefaring destiny in the ensuing years and beyond. In many respects, we’re just getting started.

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