’90 Day Fiancé’ Recap: Nicole and Mahmoud Get Into Altercation as He Threatens to Divorce Her


Nicole and Mahmoud can’t seem to see eye to eye when it comes to compromising on their cultural and religious differences. On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Nicole reached her limit with Mahmoud criticizing her for not wanting to dress conservatively in Egypt, which ended with her shockingly physically pushing him and him threatening to divorce her.

This season follows Nicole and Mahmoud’s second attempt at her living in Egypt with him after they initially separated and went back to the U.S. Still, their old issues are still very much present and they’ve been fighting about her not wanting to wear a hijab and also about the way she dresses. While Sunday’s episode started off on a promising note — with Nicole being moved by Mahmoud praying and welcoming him teaching her how to pray — their issues returned when they went to a pool together. Nicole had a lot of anxiety about wearing a burkini and when she asked Mahmoud if she needed to wear something under it, he got visibly upset and walked out. Still, he insisted he wasn’t mad and told her to just get ready.

“I get so tired of him always getting so mad at me and like, he really resents me for being American I think,” she told cameras, tearing up. “But he chose me.”

At the pool, after much reluctance, Nicole wore the burkini. Mahmoud was overjoyed and praised Nicole for being strong.

“You leave your country, leave everybody, change your clothes, change your mind about things,” he acknowledged, admitting he wasn’t sure if he could do the same.

“I promise you I will, like, do my best about change my mind about things,” he also told her when she pleaded with him to also compromise. “I will think about what I can do, I promise I will do more because I really love you and it’s so important for me to see you happy.”

Still, Mahmoud told cameras he didn’t know how to change who he was to make Nicole happy. Nicole also told cameras she wasn’t sure he would ever compromise, but she still didn’t want to give up on the marriage.

“When we’re just being ourselves with no criticizing, no fighting, just hanging out, that’s when we’re really, really happy,” she said. “And that’s why I need him to meet me in the middle and not make me feel bad about it.”

But things took a shocking turn when something set off Mahmoud off-camera and suddenly Nicole walked out, clearly upset. Nicole told cameras that all day she had been trying to please Mahmoud but when they were changing out of their swimsuits, he started “acting funny” and said something passive-aggressive to her. 

“[He said] ‘like you care anyway,'” she shared. “I don’t know why he said it but it was totally uncalled for. And it might seem like nothing but it’s been building and I’ve had enough and I just snapped.”

Nicole and Mahmoud continued to argue in public and Nicole told him she was tired of him picking at her. She told him to leave her alone as he asked her what he did wrong. When he grabbed her arm, she shook him off.

“Just leave me the f**k alone, I’m tired of you, I’m f**king tired of it,” she said, getting more and more agitated.

As Mahmoud continued to try to grab her to go home, she resisted. She told him to go find another girl as she physically pushed him. At this point, Mahmoud heatedly grabbed her wrist and told her she couldn’t do that to him. Eventually they went their separate ways as she insisted he leave her alone.

“If I have Egyptian wife if she did that to me, no way,” Mahmoud told cameras in disbelief. “No way she yelling at me in front of people, this never can do.”

For her part, Nicole said she was “trapped in this craziness” and accused Mahmoud of continuously picking at her but doing so behind the scenes so nobody would know. Meanwhile, Mahmoud continued to tell cameras that Nicole knew what she did was unacceptable and they needed to go home right away and talk. When he later caught up with Nicole at a shop, she still refused to come home and he told her she had to make a choice — to go home and talk or to get divorced. Nicole said she didn’t want to be anywhere near him and wasn’t going to make any decision at that moment, noting that he didn’t get to “control” her anymore. Mahmoud said he would wait five minutes for her and if she didn’t come they were getting divorced. Nicole said she didn’t care and told him to just go.

“I’m not sure how I want to move forward or if I can move forward or what moving forward means,” she told cameras in tears. “I don’t know right now. Until I met him I was like single for 10 years, and I don’t answer to anybody. So it’s really hard all of a sudden … and he’s nine years younger than me, he thinks he can tell me what to do. And I let him, I let him.”

Mahmoud texted her that he didn’t do anything to her and that he hoped she found someone right for her. He said if she didn’t get into the Uber with him, they were going to get divorced.

“I just don’t have anything left in me at the moment,” she told cameras as Mahmoud was seen getting into the car by himself.

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