Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 10 Spoilers: Eddie and Danny Team Up!

Eddie really needs to become a detective!

Ever since Jamie joined the intelligence bureau, Eddie has been irritating Sergeant McNichols by doing more detective work and less beat-cop stuff.

According to spoilers for Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 10, Eddie’ll again do detective work — this time helping Danny out with an important case.

This should be a compelling case, but where is Baez? It’s unclear whether Baez is also assisting or if she’ll be off-screen tending to her daughter while Eddie steps in to help.

Either way, Eddie’ll assist Danny in finding a perp impersonating a police officer.

Fake cops are a big deal, especially when there are tensions between citizens and the police. The last thing anyone needs is some fake officer wreaking havoc or making the real police look bad.

Frank will have an even tougher job than usual as long as this person is at large. Danny might also take it personally that some idiot is impersonating a cop.

Fake police can be dangerous for another reason: many people will obey police orders more quickly than they will from a bad guy who identifies himself as such. So a fake cop could easily rob or kidnap people, steal evidence at crime scenes, and otherwise cause chaos.

The spoiler video contains a clip of Danny learning that someone turned evidence over to a police impersonator; he and Eddie will have to work hard to stay one step ahead of this perp so that he doesn’t mess with cases while evading arrest.

This would be a good time for Jamie to step in. As an intelligence officer, he has the resources and familiarity with undercover work to help catch the fake cop.

Jamie’s busy with his own case, and he and Danny haven’t gotten along the last few times they attempted to work together. Will Eddie’s work on this case lead to a conflict between her and Jamie?

Jamie’s assignment could become dangerous. He’s already been shot once this season, so he probably will be fine, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any fraught moments!

Jamie is helping infiltrate a car smuggling ring. These types of assignments are always dangerous because the bad guys could recognize or suspect that their new associate is an undercover officer.

When this happens, the officer’s life is in danger. This trope is a strong source of drama, so Blue Bloods will likely go there.

Since Jamie has already almost died once and Danny has been overprotective of him since there’s plenty of opportunity for tension if Danny finds out about this assignment or if Jamie risks his life.

Will Jamie and Danny’s cases intersect? We don’t know yet who is impersonating a cop and what their end game is, so it’s possible.

Meanwhile, brace yourselves: there’s some more political drama on the way!

Erin’s DA campaign again plays a central role. This time, she’s hiring an image consultant to help her present herself positively to voters.

That image consultant will undoubtedly suggest some things Erin doesn’t like. She’s already given up her reconciliation with Jack because of his ties to organized crime, but what will happen if the consultant thinks Anthony is not good for Erin’s campaign either?

The two work closely together and are friends who butt heads a lot. Anthony won’t take kindly to any suggestions that he’s not good enough to work with the potential future Manhattan District Attorney.

Frank will also have more political problems, but this time he’s not butting heads with the mayor — not directly, anyway.

According to spoilers, Frank will get into it with the transit chief. Current transit policies are, in Frank’s view, causing unnecessary injuries to police officers, and Frank wants that to stop.

It’s unclear what policies could be causing this problem. Transit police usually stop subway hoppers, assist travelers who need help on the subway, and arrest criminals who cause problems on the trains.

Could the transit chief insist on having too few officers at each station or otherwise be interfering with these cops doing their jobs?

Whatever the issue, one thing is for sure: Frank and the transit chief won’t see eye-to-eye, and Frank’s response will surely irritate his staff.

Lately, Garrett seems to be the only one who opposes Frank’s way of doing things. Sid is always pro-cop, so anything Frank does that stands up for police officers is all right in his book, and Abigail generally tries to stay neutral but leans toward Frank’s point of view more often than not.

Garrett has been complaining all season long that Frank respects him less because he’s not a cop. Will the way Frank handles the transit issue intensify that conflict?

Garrett’s job is to put the police department in as positive a light as possible, which is why he tends to disapprove of Frank’s actions.

Frank understands how the game is played, but in the short term, fighting with city officials makes him look like a curmudgeon who is difficult to work with and doesn’t do the police department’s image any favors.

Do you think Garrett is right that Frank doesn’t respect his point of view enough?

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