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Bruce Campbell Will Be The New Host Of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Finding the right host is a matter of matching tones. Jeopardy has Trebek, Family Feud has Harvey, and now Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has Campbell. The oddball trivia brand is bringing a TV show to the Travel Channel at some point during 2019, and Ash vs Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell is adding on to his considerable genre legacy by hopping on board as host.

The news was broken today by the Ripley’s Twitter account, as they posted a small video of strange and amazing feats from around the world — hinting at the globetrotting wonders and weirdos that fans can expect from the upcoming show.

Check it out:

And then Campbell himself confirmed the news, saying that this was news that yes, you can believe:

The B-movie and Sam Raimi silliness that made Campbell’s career has a similar vibe to some of the exploitation-y features that have been making Ripley’s a household name for those interested in the extremes of humanity. Founder Robert Ripley first hosted a version of the show back in the late ‘40s, but the star power of Campbell (as well as his way with schlock and camp) should make the new version of the show into an even more fun revival than those from the ‘80s and the early ‘00s.

No word on when exactly the program will debut, but if this announcement is any indication, more information should be coming soon.



By Jacob Oller




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