Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 21 Spoilers: Carver Stares at Felony Charges While CFD Suspends Him


We are approaching the Chicago Fire Season 11 finale.

On Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 20, Brett acted out of character when an emergency hit close to home while Carver was arrested for assaulting someone.

Spoilers for Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 21 tease a continuation with both of these developments as Carver faces the repercussions for his actions. At the same time, Brett tries to reconcile her life with the baby she rescued.

When an incident happens, there is usually a difference in opinion on how the events unfolded based on different factors.

According to Carver, he protected himself and Stella when he brawled with Shep. But when the cops arrived, they only saw one man on top of another, pummelling him.

The police arrested him, and, in this episode, he deals with this arrest.

Assaulting another person should not be taken lightly, and the officers who arrested Carver don’t take it lightly.

Carver learns that the prosecution wants to charge him with a felony assault.

The consequences are much more severe because a felony would have him serve jail time, effectively losing his job with the Chicago Fire Department.

And even when he gets out, employers are biased against hiring felons, with Chicago Fire not being that different from other employers. It would be in his best interest to fight this tooth and nail.

He gets a taste of what the future might hold because Chicago Fire brass places him on immediate suspension when he is arrested.

Will he come out on the other side? There is a fair chance he might, but it will not be unscathed.

For one, he has a strong case because he truly was protecting himself, but he will need to give sufficient evidence as to why he felt the need to do so.

That will be hard to prove since after searching him, the cops came up empty, meaning the knife he thought Shep was brandishing never existed in the first place.

What would work in his favor was that Shep had a history. He was known to harass women, and there was no way he could explain being outside Stella’s building that late in the night.

He was also known to suffer from a serious mental illness, which might explain some things.

The amount of force Carver used with him will be hard to justify.

Carver has serious romantic feelings for Stella, which might explain why he went wild on Shep. But that is not an excuse the police would consider to be solid.

What they saw was a physically superior man beating a homeless man like he wanted to kill him.

That might also speak to Carver’s anger issues, and if he had been arrested or charged with a similar issue in the past, that would constitute a pattern of behavior.

He will be lucky to have Stella by his side because she goes above and beyond for her people, and she is why Carver is in this position.

She promises to use anything at her disposal to help him get out of this. It might not be a good idea because he might misinterpret the gesture as romantic because of his love for her.

Carver is also not known for letting people treat him awfully. Being a firefighter might have saved his life, and being in Firehouse, 51 definitely saved his life.

After being suspended, he takes it as a challenge and confronts the decision-makers.

He goes to the top brass directly and pleads his case almost aggressively. And he wins because he gets unsuspended.

His legal troubles are far from over. Will he stay on the job permanently?

Adoption is the greatest gift one can give to an abandoned child or an orphaned one.

No one knows how true that is better than Sylvie. She took it personally with the child she and Violet rescued in the previous episode.

The story ended unsatisfactorily when the child’s mother abandoned her at the firehouse.

Sylvie feels a connection with the child and pursues that connection in this episode.

They left the child at Med, hoping her mother would rethink her decision and pick her up, but that seemed like a fantasy. If that doesn’t happen, the kid will be up for foster care and later adoption, which can be rough.

It is unclear what Sylvie is looking for with the child, but it’s not totally wild that she might be looking to be the baby’s permanent guardian.

Can we all agree that she would make a great mom?

If she goes ahead and decides to adopt, that might present challenges with her and Casey’s potential reunion when he returns on Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 22.

On the comedic side of things, Capp finds his way into Firehouse 51 group chat.

Capp and Tony are usually goofballs who make 51 less tense with all the drama that goes on. They are the chill guys who do their own thing.

But sometimes, they can be treated as a joke and excluded from many things because they might pull a stunt or two.

It would be unsurprising if they had been excluded from the group chat. Who knows what Capp will do or see in the group?

On emergencies, the team responds to one emergency at a processing plant, but its nature is unknown. It will be hard because someone keeps interfering with their rescue efforts.

Elsewhere, Violet and Sylvie respond to another involving a little girl with eye problems.

Based on these spoilers, what are you most excited about?

Let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to watch Chicago Fire online via TV Fanatic.

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