Fire Country Season 1 Episode 9 Spoilers: Will Gabriella Kiss Bode?


Have you been missing television’s number one show?

Well, Fire Country is back this Friday after a short Christmas break.

On Fire Country Season 1 Episode 8, we had one of the most thrilling episodes where a complicated rescue tested the anxiety threshold of many characters.

In the final seconds of the hour, Bode fell into the river leaving everyone — us included — wondering about his fate. Will he survive? If he does, will he be okay?

Below are spoilers of what happens on Fire Country Season 1 Episode 9.

Gabriella will save Bode.

In the sneak peek that CBS released for the episode, we see Gabriella remove her firefighting gear and jump in after him. She jumps after him without a second thought, which might speak to how she feels about him.

Not many people would jump into a fast river without thinking about the potential consequences, which might be fatal for both parties.

Refusing to move in with Jake was one indication that she might not be in it one hundred percent, but jumping after Bode speaks to something else.

Wouldn’t it be insane if she kissed him while doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and then Jake found them?

Bode will be out of commission for a while

In the promo images, we see Gabriella trying to get an unconscious Bode conscious. This indicates that he might have been in the water for a while before she found him.

It also appears the river is big, with fast and deep currents. So far, we don’t know whether Bode can swim, which puts him in an even worse position.

There is also the risk of hitting a rock or something else in the water.

In the subsequent images, Bode is not seen in any emergencies teased, meaning he is not part of the team.

Bode, Manny, and Bode’s parents might be in legal trouble.

To say that the previous rescue was a shitshow would be an understatement. While Manny was sleep-deprived, Vince’s feelings got the better part of him.

The amount of lack of professionalism that they displayed should not go unreprimanded.

Questions were also raised about the legality of Bode being in the program.

Not being in the right shape after nearly drowning should also present troubles for Bode. At best, he will not be allowed to attend some of the week’s emergencies. The worst case is he is booted from the program.

Being booted is the correct course of action because that is what happens to other inmates in case of an injury which is why most of them don’t report them.

If he is not, this should raise questions about why he gets special treatment. This will prompt more questions about how he came to be in the program.

We already know that Sharon pulled some strings to get him in. His uncle also knows the particulars of this. Luke made a pass at Sharon on Fire Country Season 1 Episode 8 and was rejected. He might take this information to the fire superintendent.

Everyone seems to have problems coming for them.

Things will get worse between Bode and Jake.

Jake and Bode are not the other person’s favorite. Foremost, Bode blames Jake for the death of his sister. There is renewed animosity because of Gabriella.

When Gabriella jumps in to save Bode, that is a crystal clear message that something is happening between them.

On Fire Country Season 1 Episode 9, there is an investigation into a previous rescue where a life is lost. How these things go typically is that everyone present is called to give a witness account of what they saw.

Considering that Jake hates Bode for coming in between her and Gabriella, he may take the opportunity to sabotage Bode.

Possibly, he has figured out that something is off with Bode being in the program, and what if he casually sneaks that to the investigator?

What if he casually mentions that Bode had assaulted him a few weeks prior? That is grounds enough for Bode to be thrown back into prison.

We will get a fire emergency.

In the previous episode, there wasn’t a fire to be put out despite the prisoner firefighters being there to fight fires. Promo images tease a fire. We are yet to see whether it’s a big fire or a minor controlled burn.

I also hope we get better fires because the ones in the earlier episodes left a lot to be desired.

Eve and Vince were shocked at Gabriella’s actions on the bridge. This might also make them suspect the nature of Bode and Gabriella’s relationship. This will might for an exciting episode as everyone reacts to it.

Eve is Jake’s friend, so she will be on his side. Vince might not particularly care about it, but what might annoy him the most was having two insubordinate firefighters who put their lives at risk without much thought.

Sharon will be occupied with the investigation to care much about Luke’s actions, so I doubt we will see much about this particular storyline in this episode.


Those were our spoilers Fire Country Fanatics. Check out the video below for the promo

Which ones are you excited the most about?

Fire Country returns on January 6. Catch the episode live on CBS, and don’t forget to check in here at TV Fanatic for a review of the episode right after it airs.

In the meantime, hit the comments section and let us know your thoughts.

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