From ‘Daisy Jones’ to ‘Evelyn Hugo’: All the Taylor Jenkins Reid Novel Adaptations


Prime Video’s Daisy Jones & The Six brings to light the beloved world established by author Taylor Jenkins Reid’s 2019 novel of the same name. But Daisy’s story is not completely standalone: Reid is the author of eight other novels, three of which take place in the same universe. 

Though they are not sequels to one another, Reid overlaps side characters across her books, weaving a web of connected Los Angeles elite that fill out her world with drama, heartbreak, mystery and more. One character, Mick Riva, makes an appearance — both small and large — in every novel. 

The still-growing love for Amazon’s Daisy Jones adaptation now leaves fans wondering: When will the rest of Reid’s iconic characters hit the screen? 

Read on for which of Reid’s novels are set to be adapted next. 

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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (2017)

Set in the same Los Angeles universe as Daisy JonesThe Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo tells the story of fictional Old Hollywood star Evelyn Hugo, who mysteriously gives one final interview to an underdog journalist, Monique Grant. 

Netflix is currently in production on a film adaptation of Reid’s novel. “We’re in development on it,” Reid told ET at the Daisy Jones premiere. “And we want to make sure that it’s as good as this one is.” 

Reid added that she couldn’t share much more than that, “except that everything that is happening so far is going really well.” In terms of casting, she said she had “a lot of opinions” and was doing her best “to make sure we get the perfect person. I have some ideas but we don’t know yet.” 

Evelyn Hugo had originally been purchased by Freeform in 2019 and was set to be developed as a television series with Reid as a screenwriter. In 2021, Reid revealed in an interview that Freeform no longer had the rights and she was pursuing a different production company. Netflix announced its planned film in March 2022. 

Malibu Rising (2021) 

Also set in the same Los Angeles as Daisy Jones and Evelyn Hugo, Malibu Rising centers on the lives of four siblings, the children of famous musician Mick Riva, who throws a party to commemorate the end of summer. Over the course of the event, though, their stories of past and present overlap in a cacophony of mystery that brings some closer together and pushes others apart. 

Hulu announced shortly before the book’s release in 2021 that Malibu Rising would become a television series with Reid serving as executive producer. Reid hasn’t yet announced any more details. 

Carrie Soto Is Back (2022) 

Carrie Soto is Reid’s fourth novel in the same universe as Daisy Jones, and tells the story of retired tennis player Carrie Soto, who decides to return to the court for one final competition. Reid has not yet announced plans for a screen adaptation of this novel.  

One True Loves (2016) 

Separate from the universe established in her latest four books, One True Loves is the story of Emma Blair, a woman whose husband disappears on their first wedding anniversary. 

Phillipa Soo, Simu Liu and Luke Bracey are all set to star in a film adaptation of the novel produced by Highland Film Group. The script was co-written by Reid and her husband, Alex Jenkins Reid. 

The film’s trailer was released in February and the movie is set to hit theaters on April 7. 

Reid’s remaining three earlier novels — Forever, Interrupted (2013), After I Do (2014) and Maybe in Another Life (2015) — do not have adaptations in the works. 


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