Ghosts Season 2 Episode 11 Review: The Perfect Assistant


The world of Ghosts is growing by the episode. Did anyone imagine a “Car Ghost” would be a new ghost type?

It sounds like a Pokemon, but the discovery on Ghosts Season 2 Episode 11 opened up the possibilities of new ghosts to come.

Plus, we might just have a new recurring face popping in from time to time. The more the merrier for the new shenanigans that could come up!

“The Perfect Assistant” was a nice and easygoing adventure at Woodstone Manor that didn’t shake things up too much.

The plot was a classic case of misinformation provided by the ghosts that caused plenty of chaos. Like, think of Sasappis hiding the truth about the tree on Ghosts Season 2 Episode 4.

Freddie: And Jay, you shoot the hostage. Speed is the perfect movie and Mr. Keanu Reeves is a national treasure!
Jay: You’re hired.
Trevor: I think Jay is in love.
Sam: Oh, so am I.

We’ve encountered this type of plot before and it always does a good job of serving up some fun shenanigans.

A lot of the drama could’ve been cleared up had Jessica (the car ghost) told the truth. Though, we would’ve missed out on the panic of sweet Freddie possibly being a murderer.

Speaking of Freddie, did anyone else like the new assistant?

Freddie seemed to be a nice, hard-working guy that wanted to do his best. He paired well against Sam and Jay who typically have the same upbeat energy. Sometimes it’s nice to see things work out for everyone involved since this job was something he really wanted.

Freddie: Wait, did you order, like, 50 burritos to just talk to me?
Sam: Yes. Yes, we did.
Freddie: But you guys are, like, broke?
Jay: Okay, every 10th one was free.
Freddie: That is so sweet. Crazy, but sweet.

Hopefully, he gets to stick around at Woodstone Manor and pop up in more episodes.

Having a new person at the business gives more chances for Sam and Jay to deal with hiding the ghostly truth from Freddie.

With Sam and Jay living with the ghosts, there’s no ongoing foil for someone to catch them acting weird with the spirits around.

And there will no doubt be scenes of Freddie being suspicious of their weird behavior. It’ll only be time before he figures out the truth unless they tell him about the ghosts.

Jessica’s introduction as the new car ghost was also a fun surprise. She fooled us into believing her story about Freddie and what “happened” to her.

Jessica seems to be a character who likes to speak her mind and cause drama to get what she wants. Not saying she’s a villain, but she’s more self-serving and owns up to it.

Jessica: I’m a car ghost.
Flower: What’s a car ghost?
Jessica: I died in a car accident, so now I’m bound to this car.

Her style is a good balance against Freddie and the rest of the ghosts. Sure, she’s stuck to five feet to the car, but she could always pop up to drop some tea or a funny one-liner now and then.

Her new flirtation (romance?) with Sasappis could also spark some fun, especially since the other ghosts have been pairing up.

Like, where was the update about Hetty and Trevor? We needed to know!

Elsewhere during “The Perfect Assistant,” Pete had some excellent advice for Bjorn.

Simply talking to his bully would’ve solved a lot of problems. Since he and his bully were both ghosts, he couldn’t do anything except stay out of the ghost’s way. But they’re stuck in the house together, so that’s tough.

Sometimes the ghosts take Pete for granted.

He’s a nice guy who tries to solve all the problems and make things better for his family. He talks a lot of reasoning when no one else does.

The ghosts would be stuck between a rock and a hard place if Pete weren’t around. He does a lot of work for less.

For example, Thorfinn finally listening to Pete and making the same approach to his son was a heartwarming moment between the friends.

Thorfinn was stuck in his ways, and Bjorn needed to do something different than fighting a ghost. Flower could see it. Pete could see it.

And whenever Thorfinn has an epiphany or learns to change, it’s a big growing moment for him.

Bjorn: Okay, just want to be clear: you say listen to you and not my father?!
Pete: He’s joking. He’s a funny kid.
Thorfinn: We talk after Housewives!

Thorfinn is never too stubborn to learn from his mistakes. Being there for Bjorn brought him closer to his son and closer to his friendship with Pete too.

Overall, it was a very heartwarming round of stories for “The Perfect Assistant.” The characters seemed to walk away in much better scenarios and in higher spirits. (Pun somewhat intended.)

Last Thoughts From Woodstone Manor:

  • Freddie crying in his car about something that happened at work was a mood. All we needed was the sad music on the radio and the rain to relate.
  • Jessica sabotaging Freddie because she wanted to travel and enjoy the smell of good food hit right in the feels. And her love of bottomless mimosas made me say, “Same.”
  • If the car ever got destroyed or damaged beyond repair, would that force Jessica to be “sucked off” to the afterlife?

Now, over to you, Ghosts fans.

What did you think of “The Perfect Assistant”?

Will Freddie ever learn about the ghosts at Woodstone Manor? What new type of ghost will we learn about next? Will Bjorn’s new romance last?

If you missed the latest episode of Ghosts, you can watch Ghosts online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Justin Carreiro is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.


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