Juliette Lewis Pens Post Reflecting on ‘Yellowjackets’ Following End of Season 2


Juliette Lewis is looking back at her time on Yellowjackets!

Following Sunday’s emotional finale that saw the shocking death of her character, Natalie, the 49-year-old actress made a brief return to social media to celebrate her time on the show.

“I have been and will remain off line for a bit. As I want to focus on the ME outside of this Business- So much to say & reflect on; But here’s a quick note to say, I am beyond moved by the appreciation of my work on @yellowjackets Love respect & appreciation is the oil in this creative machine and the encouragement I always need- That I do not create alone that I will and can continue creating despite the challenges of this industry, with it’s breakneck hours & the pressure cooker expectations etc etc.
I love you all above and beyond. The hair & MU team, PAs, ADs and Crew who raised and continues to raise me,” Lewis captioned the post.

Lewis’ post included a series of pictures from the intense episode titled, “Storytelling” and BTS pictures of her and her castmates.

“I am beyond grateful to the Dynamic Duo & creators of this show Ashley and Bart, entire team at @showtime & for giving me an opportunity of a lifetime (at this young age of soon to be 50🤪)and some of the greatest, wild and ultimately fulfilling creative firsts & life lessons…
The exceptional writing on @Yellowjackets I believe this team can literally do and write anything, the chemistry and exquisite talent of this phenomenal- ever growing – cast is something I will always marvel at. And The phenomenon that is @soapy.t You already know. You all have my heart. ❤️
To My Team who sometimes knows-gets what I need before I do. You are family.
Until we meet again.”

Lewis ended her post by sharing that she plans to return to send more love to her adult Yellowjackets ladies. 

“Will post more pics & acknowledgments re my core YJs @riccigrams @msmelanielynskey @tawnycypress @simonekessell #LaurenAmbrose & One of the great directors of our time Karen Kusama, soon. 🐝🐝🐝 ❤️🏖JL,” she added. 

Natalie met her demise at the end of the episode, following the adult Yellowjackets making another sacrifice to “it” at the suggestion of Lottie ( Simone Kessell). After disputing Lottie’s original plan to drink poison, Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) suggests they take things a bit further. And during the finale, the women recreate the ritual of pulling cards, with Shauna being the one who pulls the fated Queen of Hearts before she finds herself being chased through the woods by Lottie, Misty (Christina Ricci), Taissa (Tawny Cypress) and Van (Lauren Ambrose).


Before things go too far, they are interrupted by Callie (Sarah Desjardins) and Lisa (Nicole Maines). And during their confrontation in the woods, Misty accidentally poisons Natalie, making her the ultimate sacrifice after first pulling the Queen of Hearts 25 years earlier and going through a “journey of healing,” Lewis said of her character.

“Natalie’s on this journey of self discovery, which is quite subversive for that type of personality. So, that was really interesting,” Lewis added during an interview with ET. 

Not only that, but it made her demise all the more tragic, considering how much she had grown in season 2 after first wanting to kill herself in the season 1 finale. “It’s funny because she’s playing with externally how to trust and not trust,” Lewis said of Natalie’s ongoing internal struggle that was compounded by “these trauma bonds” she “shared in the wilderness” with all the other girls.  



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