‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4: Which Couples Are Still Together?

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SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the first eight episodes of Love Is Blind season 4, proceed with caution.

A whole new set of cuties have entered the experiment! Season 4 of Love Is Blind premiered earlier this month, featuring 30 new singles hoping to find their person without ever seeing them. On Friday, three new episodes of the addictive series dropped, giving even more insight into the remaining couples’ love stories. 

In the first five episodes, viewers saw five proposals, lots of heartbreak, some very uncomfortable singing, and a dramatic post-proposal Mexico getaway for the couples. In the newest drop, the couples return to their lives in Seattle, Washington, as they attempt to live with one another in the real world. 

There was a new proposal, lots of fights, alcohol-fueled conversations, meeting the parents, and several questioning spouses. 

But which couples stayed together?

Read on for a breakdown of where each couple stands after the first eight episodes and for some of ET’s theories on whether or not they are currently still together.


Chelsea and Kwame

Kwame fell for two girls in the pods — Micah and Chelsea. And after Micah ditched him for Paul, he focused his attention, and guitar skills, on Chelsea. He popped the question and their first meeting certainly was filled with sparks.

But once the pair reached Mexico, things got a bit dicey as Kwame came face-to-face with Micah and they both admitted to having a strong attraction to each other. Chelsea called out her fiancé for his antics and they seemingly made amends at the Mayan Cacao Ceremony.

But back in the real world, Chelsea and Kwame continued to have problems. Kwame reveals that if he chooses Chelsea at the altar, he’d have to move from Portland to Seattle, a place where he has no friends or connections. The 33-year-old sales development manager admits that he’d be “compromising” to live with his future wife and she replies, “Welcome to marriage.” 

Kwame also has another flirty interaction with his ex, Micah, at Chelsea’s birthday party. 

“I think about you. I worry about you. I’m hoping that you’re happy,” Micah tells Kwame.

And both Micah and Kwame asks the other if they think they’re questioning their decision. While neither one really commits to an answer, it’s clear that the sparks are flying. 

Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah on 'Love Is Blind'

Kwame has also revealed that his mother does not approve of their marriage and is refusing to meet Chelsea. 

In the preview clip for the upcoming new episodes, Chelsea asks Kwame if he’s willing to say yes to her without his mother’s approval and he looks hesitant. And though we see Chelsea trying on a wedding dress, there’s no footage of the couple at the altar. 

ET has done some digging online to see if there are any clues with regard to Kwame and Chelsea.

The pair is not currently following each other on social media, but Kwame is following Micah and Paul. Case closed? Not quite.

Earlier this month, fellow contestant Zack shared video of himself on a boat with Kwame. In the clip, an arm is seen coming into the frame wearing a puffy lavender-colored jacket.

Kwame from 'Love Is Blind'
Zack Goytowski/Instagram Stories
Chelsea from 'Love Is Blind'
Chelsea Griffin/Instagram Stories

That same day, Chelsea posted a pic of herself in an identical lavender jacket and rainbow-tipped manicure. She also snapped a shot of the same harbor where it appeared that Zack’s video came from. In addition to Zack, the day out with friends included Paul, but there was no footage of Micah. Whether or not Kwame and Chelsea tied the knot and stayed together is still unknown, but they appear to at least be hanging out.

Micah and Paul from 'Love Is Blind'

Micah and Paul

Despite having lots of chemistry with Kwame in the pods, Micah went with her environmental scientist beau, Paul, and the pair had their fair share of sparks when they met in person. But Micah seemed much more interested in Kwame once the couples got to Mexico. Paul didn’t seem bothered by his fiancée’s chats with her ex. 

Then Micah’s bestie, Irina, confesses that she’s developed some feelings for Paul following her split from Zack. Micah and Irina’s tense conversation leaves Micah questioning her own relationship with Paul. But Paul seems shocked by Irina’s confession, saying he has no feelings for her. 

The couple also seem to get along well with each other’s parents with Micah and Paul’s mom essentially being the same person and Micah’s dad, whose name is Paul, being thrilled to be bringing a kindred “Paul” into the family. 

However, Micah’s friends were not as supportive of Paul. With one particularly outspoken pal telling her that Paul was “not it.” 

Paul and MIcah on 'Love Is Blind'

Following that awkward moment that left Micah a bit speechless, Micah and Kwame have another flirtatious exchange at Chelsea’s birthday party in which each one asks if the other is questioning their choice of partner. But Micah previously told ET that she never considered switching fiancés. 

“When I ended it with Kwame, I was done with Kwame for good,” she told ET. “I think how I interact with people is a little flirty. Maybe it’s because that’s what I’ve done my whole life… but that’s how I talk. It’s how I interact with people. But there was no question in my mind once I chose Paul that I was with Paul and I was not going back to Kwame. But I could get how that could be confusing given our conversations.”

It does seem that Micah will make it to the altar. In a previous trailer for season 4, Micah is seen at the altar saying, “In this moment, the best thing I can do for us is give you the opportunity to answer first.”

Though the pair has kept their social media accounts spoiler-free (as is customary), they are following one another (and Irina!) on Instagram at the moment.

However, during a recent podcast, Love Is Blind alum Natalie Lee claimed to have some “production sources” who claimed that Micah was “not genuine,” and speculated on the outcome of Micah and Paul’s relationship.

“This is just now my own assumptions, but also based on what I’ve heard about them through my sources, I think they’ve decided to stay in a friendship and continue on just for screen time,” Natalie said.

Bliss, Zack, Irina on 'Love Is Blind'

Zack and Irina/Bliss?

Zack, Zack, Zack. More troublesome than the criminal defense attorney’s singing is his decision-making. After proposing to Irina over Bliss in the pods, it was clear almost immediately that he had made a mistake when coming face-to-face with his fiancée. Their cringe-worthy trip to Mexico ended in Zack and Irina mutually calling it quits as he admitted to thinking about Bliss the entire time he was there and she admitted to having feelings for Paul.

Though viewers were left with a cliffhanger when Zack and Bliss met up in the “real world,” the show picked right back up with that first interaction in the new episodes. Not only do Zack and Bliss hit it off, but he also pops the question to her while they’re on a sweet boat date.

Bliss admits to feeling like a “second choice” though Zack assures her that she’s not and that he has every intention of saying yes at the altar. 

Bliss on 'Love Is Blind'

The cute pair show up to Chelsea’s birthday party looking smitten and packing on the PDA. In the teaser for the remainder of the season, we see the couple facing some major skepticism from Bliss’ dad and even questioning their own decisions due to them both coming from divorced families. 

But there’s also footage of the pair getting ready on their wedding day and even standing together smiling at the altar. So will they say “I do”? That remains to be seen. 

Neither Zack nor Bliss are following one another on social media, but the Love Is Blind cast is known for wiping their social accounts before the show’s finale and reunion episodes, so this doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

However, ET did some digging and earlier this month, Zack shared several videos and photos from a boating outing with several co-stars. Though Bliss wasn’t featured in these videos, which included Kwame (and seemingly Chelsea), Bliss did post a photo of some boats in the harbor on the same day. Her pic was almost identical to one Chelsea posted on the same day as well.

Jackie and Marshall from 'Love Is Blind'

Jackie and Marshall

This pair seemed to hit it off right away, with Marshall fighting for Jackie in the pods over Josh. Marshall won out and the two flew off to Mexico. But Jackie was hit with some overwhelming emotions, seemingly worried about life back home once they were done with their romantic getaway. Though things seemed to be going well for the couple after Marshall made his fiancée a romantic breakfast, their love story quickly went south due to some tense off-camera moments. 

Jackie breaks down in tears ahead of meeting Marshall’s family, seemingly stressed and not in the mood to impress. Then later it is revealed that Marshall left the apartment they shared after a fight they had. 

Jackie and Marshall on 'Love Is Blind'

Jackie calls Marshall out for leaving and notes that they “don’t have sex.” Marshall claims that Jackie accused him of not being “man enough” for her. The pair are on shaky ground as they show up to Chelsea’s birthday party separately to the shock of their co-stars. Enter: Josh — Jackie’s other love connection from the pods, who makes his return at the party and quickly makes a play for Jackie. 

“If you don’t feel like heart-to-heart you’re really going to marry somebody, pick me,” Josh tells Jackie.

The episode cuts out as Josh asks her, “Are you going to marry him?”

In the footage for the upcoming episodes, Josh and Jackie are seen out having another meeting in which Josh declares, “Losing you is my biggest regret. I do love you. I wanna be together.”

In another scene, Marshall says to a frustrated-looking Jackie, “I need answers. Josh, whatever that is. I need to know.”

Jackie hugs her upset-looking fiancé, saying, “Just love me.”

Neither Jackie nor Marshall are following one another online, but oddly, Marshall is following Josh. In fact, he commented with multiple flame emojis on Josh’s announcement that he had been cast on the show. Perhaps there’s a bromance that’s flourishing instead?

Tiffany and Brett from Love Is Blind

Tiffany and Brett

The pair had an instant connection in the pods, opening up to one another and sharing some of their emotional struggles. Apart from one awkward incident where Tiffany accidentally fell asleep while Brett was confessing his love for her, the pair has seemingly not hit a single snafu. Their romantic Mexico getaway was filled with sweet declarations of love and some NSFW moments as the pair got to know each other physically.

Then, in life outside of their love bubble, the two have kept it real when talking about finances and their living situation. 

Though Tiffany jokingly called her fiancé “Bougie Brett,” due to his refined taste, she didn’t seem to be bothered by her man’s spending and the pair continued to be in sync in their discussions about their future.

In fact, in episode eight, Brett confidently declares, “I don’t have any doubts. We’re gonna make it.”

But when Netflix previously teased the upcoming episodes, fans got a bit nervous for Tiffany and Brett’s future.

Tiffany and Brett on 'Love Is Blind'

Netflix revealed that the couple does make it to the altar, but things aren’t necessarily looking good. Tiffany is seen facing her man looking very upset as she cries and Brett shakes his head.

Brett is seen getting dressed in his wedding tux, saying, “This should be a day of no surprises. This should not happen.”

ET has done some digging online to see if there are any clues pointing toward the future of Tiffany and Brett.

Both Tiffany and Brett are following one another as well as several other co-stars from this season. Brett is also following several of Tiffany’s friends who are not co-stars and they are following him back.

Their actual future remains to be seen, but we’re crossing our fingers for these two.

New episodes of Love Is Blind season 4 will be released on Friday, April 7.

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