‘Selling Sunset’: Bre Tiesi Hits Back at Chelsea Lazkani’s Comments About Her Personal Life (Exclusive)


Spoilers ahead! If you have not yet binged season 6 of Selling Sunset, save this link for later.

Bre Tiesi knew her new co-workers would have questions and comments about her personal life, she just didn’t realize how much her debut season of Selling Sunset would focus on it.

Last year, Bre welcomed her first child with Nick Cannon, his eighth, a son named Legendary. Nick’s now dad to 12 kids, splitting time between their houses, with their mothers, some of whom he considers partners. That includes Bre. It’s a modern relationship dynamic, and Bre doesn’t expect everyone to understand it. She does, however, expect them to respect it. She didn’t necessarily get that, particularly from Chelsea Lazkani.

“She has a lot to say,” Bre notes, sitting down with ET to unpack all things season 6. “I’m not entirely sure what her overall issue is, or why it’s gone so far, but I definitely could see the pressure of trying to assert something on this season. And maybe she didn’t have a proper storyline, so she needed me, but I don’t know? I mean, it is what it is.”

Chelsea questions Bre’s life choices mostly behind her back, to the other agents at the real estate firm at the heart of the show, the Oppenheim Group. Her biggest concern seems to be, Nick can’t possibly have enough bandwidth to spend quality time with Legendary; and in one confessional, she explains not being onboard with Bre’s situation because she’s a Christian. 

“It was comical to me, to be honest,” Bre says of the faith excuse. “Especially someone that says that they have faith and are Christian, when I grew up, it was, you turn the other cheek and we don’t judge and all those things. But I mean, once again, she can have whatever opinion she wants. I just wish she kept a little bit of it to herself because we’re happy.”


There is one comment Chelsea made that Bre’s not willing to let slide, though. Chelsea chose to bring an off-camera moment on camera, claiming to the ladies of the office that Bre got visibly upset by a “surprise” news alert that popped up on her phone, a blast about Nick welcoming another child with a different woman.

“This was, like, completely a secret,” Chelsea claimed. “If she didn’t know about this baby, and this was indeed how she found out, that is like, a punch in the stomach.”

“So there is an issue with that for me,” Bre declares. “That’s not what happened. … For me, my honest truth was I was in a place where, I know what’s going on, but I’m never going to divulge information to anyone. That’s that woman’s right to be able to say that this happened or didn’t happen. So when someone asked me about it? I don’t know. I don’t. It’s not my place. So I think that my lack of reaction or confirmation is what she ran with, and it became a completely different thing that helped her narrative, and I applaud her for her storyline, but that’s not actually accurate in my reality.”

Bre says she wasn’t aware the extent her personal life was discussed until she watched the episodes. She was disappointed no one asked her directly, either in scene or producers in confessional, what happened that night.

“They’re all having, you know, conversations without me present, because everyone knows I would have a lot to say,” she notes. 

The other disappointment for Bre was a one-on-one chat she had with Amanza Smith, which started out as bonding over mom life and spiraled into a discussion about child support payments.

Bre Tiesi and Amanza Smith chat on Selling Sunset season 6

“That went a little left, as well,” Bre reflects, “and listen, I know what we’re here for. We’re making good TV. I get it. I’m a target, but I’m entertaining. So I’ll just take it. I won’t say that that situation was 100 percent accurate. There were questions that were asked about child support and different things that, I don’t really understand where it came from. And we were talking about Amanza’s situation, and then I think it all just made very good story that wasn’t really there. But I mean, it comes with the territory.”

“People really run with this narrative with my partner, which I get it,” she says. “Maybe they need a way for it to make sense to them, but I’m really happy. I’m really secure. I’m really — I have a great life. I love my son, and I love I love my partner. And you know, there’s not as much going on here as people hope that there is. So, we kind of let them just run with whatever they want to say.”

That said, Bre has no regrets about her reality TV career so far.

“I can’t help what other people are saying, or their opinions, or how they feel or how they react to me, or the lack of reaction I give them, how they react to that,” she rattles off. “So I’m just gonna keep being me, and you either hate it or love it, but I’m not going anywhere.”

Bre’s “not here to make friends” attitude has led to comparisons to the show’s former villain, Christine Quinn

Bre Tiesi and Heather Rae El Moussa star on Netflix's Selling Sunset

“Listen, she’s a bad b***h, I have all the respect for her in the world,” Bre says of the now-former O Group agent. “I would definitely say I’m very different than Christine Quinn — and I think people will see that — but I love the fashion, I love the drama. I love her craft, so I get the comparison and I know everyone’s looking for a villain. So hopefully they watch it and they see that we’re not the same, but I definitely bring something to the table.”

Bre’s one of the only agents to prove her connections on camera, bringing talent like Saweetie and Josh Richards onto the show as clients. She also toured properties with billionaire entrepreneur Adam Weitsman on the show, sparking unexpected drama with Emma Hernan, who also has a relationship with him. They’ve since squashed the beef, chalking it up to a misunderstanding. 

“I think it was, like, a random occurrence that just happened to be my client and it panned out that way,” Bre explains, “but I honestly thought I would have been friends with Emma, so I’m glad we ended up shutting it off. But yeah, she’s really the only one I had anything with, besides…”

“I think for me, it went a little too far,” she says, circling back to her issues with Chelsea. “It was a little too personal and, you know, it really attacks my family, which I feel like is off-limits, regardless of doing a show or not.”

The cast of Selling Sunset gathers for a staff meeting at The Oppenheim Group

“I don’t mind the business [drama] at all,” she adds. “We can go toe-to-toe and, you know, be in competition. I’m all for that, as long as I still support her at the end of the day when it comes to the business, but I think that attacking the family — especially to this level — was just not necessary.”

Bre’s already filmed season 7, set to premiere later this year. She hopes those episodes showcase more of who she knows herself to be.

“I’m very excited to show my actual personality, because I feel like we only got a little bit of it, and getting to know me and my relationships with the clients that I have,” she muses. “People have an idea of who they think I am, and I’m literally nothing like Instagram. Like, nothing. So, I do think that that’s going to be a really cool part of seven, for sure.”

All episodes of Selling Sunset are now streaming on Netflix. 

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