Sydney Sweeney Says Her Dad Walked Out After Watching Her on ‘Euphoria’


Sydney Sweeney had to handle a mixed bag of reactions to her role on HBO’s EuphoriaThe actress recently opened up about her father having to turn off the program halfway through their first viewing. 

“I didn’t prepare my dad at all,” Sweeney tells Willie Geist in an interview that will air in full this weekend on Sunday Today With Willie Geist. She noted that her mom was more prepared because “she visited me on set quite a few times.”

Sweeney plays Cassie on Sam Levinson’s Euphoria, a character often intertwined with very adult storylines. 

“How do you bring up a conversation? And also when I talk to my dad it’s usually not about work,” Sweeney adds. “He decided he was going watch it without telling me, with his parents. My dad and my grandpa turned it off and walked out.”

The rest of Sweeney’s family reacted slightly differently. “But my grandma, she’s a big supporter of mine,” she says, noting that she often comes to set to be an extra while Sweeney works.

Sweeney also spoke about the upcoming Euphoria season 3. “I’m really excited. I love playing Cassie, especially last season because she was so crazy,” she says. “I’m really looking forward to seeing what Cassie does in season 3.”

In addition to Euphoria, Sweeney currently stars in HBO’s new film, Reality, which was written and directed by first-time filmmaker Tina Satter and is based on her 2019 play, This Is a Room.  She will also star in the upcoming rom-com Anyone But You opposite Glen Powell.

“It was such a blast!” Sweeney recently told ET of her time on the set of Anyone But You in Australia. “I mean, Australia was such a beautiful place to film, and the cast and crew were so much fun.”

“I’ve never laughed so much on a set before,” she added. “I had a really good time. I was living my best life. I loved it.”

Sweeney’s full interview on NBC News’ Sunday Today With Willie Geist airs June 4. 


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