The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 18 Review: Seeing Red


That was quite fun and quite entertaining.

On The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 18, a surprise during a simple breakfast meeting between two new friends put Simone and the team in the middle of a family quarrel that could very much have had international implications.

Simone, Laura, and Brendon dealt with the issues that could arise from the job and affect their personal lives.

For Simone, it was the fact the job was demanding, both physically and mentally.

Reality had to be suspended for entertainment’s sake for most of Rookie: Feds Season 1 by ignoring that Simone was advanced in age. Being so close to fifty years old is no minor feat and does affect someone.

A fifty-year-old does not have the same energy and sharpness as a twenty-year-old.

It might sound ageist, but that is a fact. The level to which this can affect their ability to do their job should be the only consideration, and Simone can do it quite well. Her age is not solely a liability because it affords her the advantage of lived experience, and a person learns a thing or two during that time.

Simone always knew that her age might come up occasionally, and it won’t be used to praise her.

And when it did, she became guarded and defensive to the point she nearly crossed a line with her training agent.

Naomi: You got your co-workers thinking you’re a black superhero. You’re fifty years old …
Simone: … forty-eight, thank you.
Naomi: … and you’re doing too much. Aren’t you tired?

Her constant overperformance was an important conversation, and having Naomi, who was the absolute best at discussing such issues, was great.

Not pairing them together romantically just because they are two Queer women in the same orbit was a great decision by the writers. Having a friend who makes one feel comfortable enough to talk about issues without feeling like they are being judged cannot be overstated.

It is even an added advantage if they can introduce to you a hobby such as knitting.

Brendon’s sobriety was important to him, just like it is to every alcoholic in recovery. He made a good decision coming clean about it to Antoinette sooner in their relationship because it would have been tough to explain where he went in the middle of the night after receiving a call from another woman.

Alcoholism is a disease that society didn’t understand much of and thus treated like a vice. It takes a lot to unlearn years of shame; even if someone knows they have nothing to be ashamed of, it is hard to reconcile logic and emotion.

Brendon looked uncomfortable when he learned that Antoinette had spoken to Simone about his sponsor’s fall.

Apart from alcoholism being the topic of the conversation, it also had another layer because that was his sponsor. Sponsors pull people from some of the darkest places, and they develop meaningful bonds around their efforts to stay sober.

You know … Randy’s my guy. He saved my life. Told me what to do. At ten years sober, if he can go out, what chance do I have?


The depth of the relationship between an alcoholic and their sponsor has been explored on 9-1-1, especially on 9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 12, when something horrible happens to Bobby’s sponsor.

And look, someone can weaponize another person’s alcoholism, especially in relationships, to maintain control.

Despite his previous apprehension, Brendon understood that Antoinette came from a place of care and concern, so he didn’t punish her. It was a great distinction that needed to be made that many people don’t usually get.

It might become a problem later if she fixates on it or uses it against him, but they both seem to be handling it well.

He was also placed in a position where he might have drunk, but how he handled himself was impressive.

Even with his fans who were drunk and fantasizing about him in the nude, it must have taken a lot of will not to sneak a sip.

Laura is one to blaze through situations, especially when on the job, and she usually can handle herself. However, being ambushed in Viktor’s office reminded her of the real danger they face every day.

It made her grapple with her mortality, and she handled it by shutting down. That was the wrong way to approach it.

Garza: It’s been four months since Simone and Brendon have joined this team, and I wanna commend you both for getting them this far.
Carter: I appreciate that, man. Considering I had a tougher assignment with Simone.
Laura: Excuse me! I’ve been turning a former tv star … meat puppet, into a solid agent. My job is way tougher.
Carter: At least actors can take instructions. Do you know how hard I’ve had to work to break a wild horse, especially one that keeps reminding you she’s Black beauty?

The case they worked on was inconsistent, with one minute seemingly a matter of life and death and the next being reduced to a family squabble.

The twists in the cases are usually great because they always seem to elevate the stakes, but this one was not it.

The episode teased epic international politics, but it was reduced to a classic tale of a boy who could never see himself as a man in front of daddy because daddy doesn’t respect him enough.

The team has had some pretty epic cases; this one was easily forgettable.

Extra thoughts

  • The exchange between Laura and Carter about whose rookie was the hardest to train was very funny. It was heartwarming to see Carter back down and let her have the win after he noticed that she was feeling down.

Carter: How about this: they are both (Simone and Brendon) equal pain in the ass.
Laura: I just think it’s fourteen more months left to go.

  • Has Matt finally warmed up to the idea of dating again?
  • The “being famous in Belarus” bit could have been better if they had used Brazil instead. Have you seen Brazillian fans on the internet?

“Seeing Red” was genuinely a fun episode that made up for its lack of extended action scenes with some great lessons and jokes.

What did you think? Was this fun or what?

Might Brendon’s sobriety affect his relationship?

Let us know in the comments section.

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