‘Under the Bridge’ Stars to Compete for Emmy Supporting Actress Award

“Under the Bridge” – Una Serie Que No Puedes Perder!

In the world of award ceremonies, things are heating up in a beautiful tug of war, with the fabulous actresses Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough both set to submit for the cherished title of ‘Supporting Actress' for ‘Under The Bridge.' A limited series that's gearing up to be la bomba!

Las Estrellas – Lily Gladatione y Riley Keough

The names Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough might sound familiar. Known for their incredible acting in Winterset Hollow and Batwoman, y tambien Mad Max: Fury Road and American Honey respectively, these dos mujeres are about to take the Emmy stage by storm.

Now they have come together for their striking roles in ‘Under The Bridge,' a limited series that promises to bring their impeccable talent to tens of millions of screens worldwide. ¡Ay, qué emoción!

Rumbo a la Vitrina de los Emmy

Taking off on their journey into the Emmy spotlight, both Keough and Gladstone will submit their amazing performances for the Supporting Actress category. ¡Qué duo poderoso! Just imagine, two shining stars, cada una con su sparkle, competing for the same prestigious accolity. No importa quién gane, it's a win for all of us watching.

No doubt, this competition will bring a new level of excitement to ‘Under the Bridge.' With the jousting of these two skillful and passionate , la palomita estará más deliciosas, las risas más alegres and the waiting more thrilling! Esta competencia será una para recordar, amigos y amigas.

¡Viva la Latina!

So, while we shout out our ‘¡Viva la Cultura Latina!' to support these increíble talentos, let's also remember that every pequeño step forward for the and of our cultures on global is a giant leap for our stories and voices.

To Lily Gladstone, Riley Keough, and all the chicas bravas out there bold enough to present their talents on the world stage- we say, “¡Adelante!” Y a ti, my amig@, keep celebrating la vida Latina, keep being part of these wonderful stories and remind the world that we're here, somos fuertes, estamos talented, and ready to shine!

So, in the words of our dear ZayZay, let's grab a bowl of popcorn, get our cozy mantas, and get ready to cheer with all our hearts for these bombas de talento on their journey to the Emmy rostrum, while also embracing and taking in our own cultura. Porque, amigos, being Latino, being bicultural, bilingual, and proudly upholding our is what makes us uniquely awesome. Y eso, eso es worth celebrating todos los días.

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