Bubble Shows ‘The Conners,’ ‘Walker,’ ‘Lopez vs. Lopez’ and Other Series Await Their Fate as Upfronts Approach

As we navigate through this TV season, already nos hemos despedido de some shows—yes, “NCIS: Hawai'i,” we're looking at you. But as we salsa our way towards that much-anticipated upfronts week, todavía tenemos un puñado of broadcast shows teetering on the edge, hanging out “on the bubble.”

While networks nowadays lean on their tried-and-true series and aren't really betting on many new series pilots, the usual primetime schedule is less on a frenetic dance this year. Es más, those days before upfronts week, typically buzzing with announcements of renewals and cancellations, now feel a bit tranquilo. It seems that “normal” has left el edificio quite some ago.

Instead of the traditional rush, most of the networks are now unveiling their plans for renewals and cancellations way antes de sus verdaderas presentaciones. It's a different vibe, a different that doesn't quite echo the upfronts of old.

Turning our gaze to the series still in limbo, let's see which ones might be dancing their way back to us for another season and which ones might be taking their final bow. ABC, for instance, ya ha dado luz verde to most of its for the next season. Adding some new sabor, ABC's “High Potential” starring Kaitlin Olson, is to make its debut during the 2024-2025 season. ¡And hold on! There's also a direct-to-series order for a new medical drama, “Dr. Odyssey” starring Joshua Jackson.

But, claro, not all series have heard their fate yet. At ABC, the comedy “Not Dead Yet” starring Gina Rodriguez might be saying adiós after its sophomore run because, amigos, it hasn't quite made a splash in the ratings. Should “Not Dead Yet” really become “Dead,” ABC will still keep ties with Rodriguez through the new gamer show “Lucky 13,” which she hosts.

Meanwhile, the “Roseanne” , “,” a veteran of the network, though doing better in ratings, might wrap with an abbreviated seventh season—a chisme that's been floating around and seems to be getting some confirmation.

ABC's slate includes just a couple of pilots waiting in the wings—“Shifting Gears” featuring Tim Allen and Kat Dennings, and “Forgive & Forget” with Ty Burrell. But these won't see the camera lights hasta después de los upfronts.

Shifting our focus to The CW, this network appears to have rerouted its focus away from fully original scripted programming, opting to dive into more , unscripted shows, and international . WWE's NXT is set to spice up its weekly lineup this fall. From the last bastion of The CW's original scripted lineup, “All American” seems to have the best shot at returning, gracias a su popularidad ongoing.

Fox, on the other hand, está en un baile with decision making. While technically five shows are on the edge of their seats, it's more like tres at the moment. “Alert: Missing Persons Unit,” “,” and the animated “The Great North” all seem to have a fighting chance to keep their spot in the lineup, ayudados by the fact that Fox's list of live-action scripted offerings is rather thin now.

también está playing a delicate tango with its shows. The network's “Extended Family” and “Lopez vs. Lopez” are both in a maybe-zone for renewal, though “Extended Family” might have a slight edge.

As these networks script out their next moves, the energy is high, the stakes are higher, and todos nosotros are waiting to see which of our beloved series will get to take another spin around the TV dance floor. ¡Qué emoción! Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope our favorites aren't saying adiós too soon.

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