Dive into Adventure with “Disney Jr.’s Ariel” Premiering June 27

Dive into Adventure

Dive into a magical with “ Jr.'s Ariel,” a brand new animated series that's making waves in the world of preschool . Inspired by the timeless tale of “,” this is a true tesoro for little ones and their families.

Mark your calendars, because on June 27, “Disney Jr.'s Ariel” will make a splash on ., followed by its grand debut on Disney+ the very next day. ¡Qué emoción! But wait, there's more! For those who can't wait to explore the wonders of Atlantica, “Disney Jr.'s Ariel: Mermaid Tales” is now available on Disney+. These short and sweet two-minute episodes give us a peek into Ariel's daily life and serve as a perfect introduction to the series.

Picture this: a vibrant, Caribbean-inspired underwater kingdom where our beloved mermaid princess Ariel embarks on thrilling adventures with her best buds. It's like a fiesta under the sea! And who's joining the party? None other than some of our favorite characters, including the wise Triton, the mischievous Ursula, the loyal Sebastian, and the adorable Flounder. But wait, there are some new amigos in town too! Get ready to meet Lucia and Fernie, Ariel's mer-children besties, and a whole school of cute sea creatures that will steal your corazón.

cast is estelar, with Taye Diggs lending his regal voice to King Triton, Amber Riley bringing her sass to Ursula, and the talented Mykal-Michelle Harris making a splash as Ariel herself. Talk about a dream team!

At the helm of this underwater adventure is the brilliant Lynne Southerland, known for her work on “Mulan II” and “Happily Ever After.” With her visionary leadership, “Disney Jr.'s Ariel” is sure to be a hit with los niños and their familias.

So, grab your snorkels and get ready to dive into a world of magic, music, and amistad with “Disney Jr.'s Ariel.” It's a you won't want to miss, ¡Vamos a nadar!

Follow the show: @DisneyJr  #DisneyJrAriel

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