OCEANXPLORERS: James Cameron’s New National Geographic Series

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Dive into an underwater like no other with National Geographic's new series, OCEANXPLORERS. Just in for World Oceans Day, the is out, and it's going to blow you out of the water!

This six-part series features legendary James Cameron as executive and narrator. Known for blockbusters like Avatar and Titanic, Cameron teams with BBC Studios Natural History Unit and OceanX to deliver the most ambitious ocean exploration ever captured on .

OCEANXPLORERS will take us on a wild ride aboard the state-of-the-art OceanXplorer, a scientific research and exploration vessel that's ready to uncover the secrets hiding in the deepest, darkest corners of the world's oceans. And get this – a whopping 80% of the ocean remains completely unexplored! It's like a real-life mystery waiting to be solved.

Equipped with the latest and greatest technology, a fearless crew of explorers, scientists, and National Geographic Explorers will embark on a global mission to crack some of the ocean's greatest enigmas. They'll be studying the incredible creatures that call the ocean home and the mind-blowing ecosystems they inhabit. From the depths of the Atlantic in the Azores to the crystal-clear shallows of the Bahamas and the warm Caribbean waters, all the way up to the icy Arctic shores of Svalbard, Norway, this team is leaving no shell unturned.

Poster for the new series "Ocean Explorers" with the tagline "The Mission Begins." An advanced research vessel is depicted with scientists, submersibles, and marine animals around it. Premieres Aug 18, streamable on National Geographic, Hulu, and Disney+. Executive Producer: James Cameron.

As James Cameron himself put it, “In OCEANXPLORERS, we take viewers on an unparalleled ocean adventure, introducing them to a group of principled, passionate people on a sometimes dangerous mission of ocean discovery in real time. We present the stakes, and firsts, and tell a visually spectacular and dramatic story — a story that inspires the next generation of explorers and adventurers committed to protecting and preserving our oceans.”

So mark your calendars, because OCEANXPLORERS is set to make waves on Aug. 18 on National Geographic, with all episodes streaming the very next day on + and . Trust me, you won't want to miss this aquatic aventura of a lifetime!

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