Camila Cabello Honored with Global Impact Award at 2024 Billboard Latin Women in Music

Que maravilla to announce that our beloved Cuban-American diva, , has been selected to be the honoree for the Impact Award at the 2024 Billboard event. Sporting a hip and audacious look and jamming to her latest beats, Camila is radiating una energia poderosa that is valiente and rebellious. However, beneath all tumult and transformation, there remains one constant: her corazon de oro.

Camilla Cabello & Two women, each wearing a red cap and black shirts, read a book to a group of young children who are gathered around them. The children are sitting on a colorful play mat in a classroom. The background shows educational posters, colorful walls, and various classroom decorations.

Camila, our dear songstress with a whopping 21 entries on the Billboard Hot 100 including chartbusters like “Havana” (feat. Young Thug) y “Señorita” (feat. Shawn Mendes), channelizes her dazzling celebrity voice and platform to shed light on urgent issues close to her heart: from inmigración, the much-neglected mental health, climate change hasta LGBTQ+ .

In honor of her influence and contributions that have sparked a ray of positivity in global culture, Camila, now 27, will be showered with the honor of at the 2024 Billboard Latin Women in Music event. The fiesta kicks off at sharp 9 p.m. ET on June 9, visible exclusively to familia via Telemundo. Don't forget to catch up amigos y amigas!

Dreaming of leaving a trail of love behind her, Camila vibrantly tells Billboard, “Through art and music, there's so many ways of making the world more loving, and I always try to remember that.”

Let's pay an ode to her parents, la madre Cubana (Sinuhe Estrabao) and Mexican padre (Alejandro Cabello), who emerged from the ashes in Miami carved a path of opportunities when Camila was merely six. Rising from humble beginnings as a car washer and a shoe department worker, they've now established a successful contracting company, Soka Construction.

Hecho con amor y esfuerzo, Camila is extremely proud of her roots, her work ethics, and her family's resilience against all odds. She admits that their spirit of hustling was crucial in shaping her and perspectives.

Committed to the cause of humanity, Camila has joined forces with This Is About Humanity and Miami Project to host provincial events for newly arrived immigrant families in Miami. Through successful with Equality Florida and Lambda Legal, she raised a massive $500,000 in support of LGBTQ+ rights!

“Camila really absorbed that sincere, hard-working, and caring spirit from her family,” her longtime manager, Roger Gold, shares proudly.

While she anticipates receiving the Global Impact award at the event, she's also gearing up to drop her fourth album, the exotic and eclectic “C,XOXO,” on June 28, turning up the music scene's heat just in time for the summer.

Independientemente, what truly shines above all is Camila's heart of gold, siempre carrying her family's legacy forward in everything she does. As we continue to dance and sing to her angelic voice, let's remember the invaluable contribution she's making to better our mundo. Stay tuned, hermanos y hermanas!

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