THE STRANGERS – Chapter 1: Horror Hits PVOD June 7, 2024

Hits PVOD June 7

¡Agárrense bien, amigos y amigas, because THE STRANGERS – Chapter 1 is about to you the susto of your when it hits PEST / PVOD on June 7, 2024!

Get ready to scream along with the stunning Madelaine Petsch and the guapísimo Froy Gutierrez as they find themselves stranded in a remote town straight out of a pesadilla. But the terror begins when they take shelter in a secluded cabaña and are hunted by a trio of masked psychos who seem to have stepped right out of el infierno.

Directed by the master of suspense himself, Renny Harlin, and penned by the twisted minds of & , this first chapter in THE STRANGERS saga is guaranteed to have you sleeping with the lights on and checking the locks twice. Because when these strangers come knocking, no hay escape!

So mark your calendars and get your palomitas ready, because on June 7th, the begin. And trust me, mis queridos, you won't want to watch this one solo. Grab your and get ready to grip your asientos, because THE STRANGERS are coming, and they're not here to make amigos.

Poster for "The Strangers: Chapter 1" depicts three masked figures in a dark, eerie forest. The two in the foreground wear masks with exaggerated, grotesque features and hold large knives. A third figure in the background wears a simpler mask and wields an axe. The title is at the top.

Head over to the official site at and hit up those social feeds @TheStrangers, @Strangers_Film, and @TheStrangersFilm to stay in the loop. And don't forget to drop that #TheStrangersMovie hashtag to let the world know you're part of the pandilla that's ready to face the !

See you on the other side… if you make it out alive. 😱🔪

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